District Level


In each district there is a management structure for implementation of the programme which is headed by the District Collector. There is a full time District Project Coordinator heading the District Project Office.But in DPEP Phase -II and SSA districts the one officers from the district cadre is acting as District Project Coordinators (Ex-Officio)

At the District Level existing structure of D.I. og schools and institutions like DIETs and Secondary Training Schools provide administration and academic suppoets respectively to the District Project Coordinator. At the sub-district level two new structurs i.e. Block Resource Centres, one in each block and Cluster Reource Centres one for 10 to 12 school with one experienced and resourceful teacher as coordinator have been created for strengthening grass root level management as well as to provide support to schools and VECs.

Sl# District Name Name of the District Project Coordinators Designation Email IDs Office Telephone/
Fax No.
Mobile No.
1 Angul Shri Niranjan Sahoo,OES District Project Coordinator  dpcangulssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06764-232412,
233808 (Fax)
2 Balasore Surendra Prasad Sankhua, OES (Adeo-cum-DPC) District Project Coordinator dpcbalasoressa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06782-241339 9437191775
3 Bargarh Shri Susant kumar Chopdar District Project Coordinator dpcbargarhssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06646-246608 9438335081
4 Bhadrak Shri Sangram Sahoo, DEO I/C District Project Coordinator (I/C) dpcbhadrakssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06784-240504, 240203 9861411926 /
5 Bolangir Shri Kartikeswar Lenka, I/C District Project Coordinator (I/C) dpcbolangirssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06652-251010 9437698870
6 Boudh Shri Gendra Kujur, DEO, I/C District Project Coordinator (I/C) dpcboudhssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06841-223007 9583987151
7 Cuttack Shri Niranjan Behera, DEO, I/C District Project Coordinator (I/C) dpccuttackssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 0671-2509934 9438179280
8 Deogarh Shri Pradosh Kumar Nayak, DEO, I/C District Project Coordinator (I/C) dpcdeogarhssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06641-226093 8763308996
9 Dhenkanal Shri Sudhananda Parida, DEO I/C District Project Coordinator (I/C) dpcdhenkssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06762-223175,
227082 (Fax)
10 Gajapati Shri Pradeep Kuamr Nag, DEO, (I/C) District Project Coordinator (I/C) dpcgajapatissa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06815-222646,
222464 (Fax)
11 Ganjam Smt. Binita Senapati, ADEO, I/C District Project Coordinator (I/C) dpcganjamssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06811-260833 8895957500
12 Jagatsinghpur Shri Sapan Kumar Jena, OES District Project Coordinator dpcjspurssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06724-222998 9438556244
13 Jajpur Shri Bishnu Charan Sutar, OES District Project Coordinator dpcjajpurssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06728-224940, 222844 9338712466
14 Jharsuguda Mrs. Meenarani Mangal, OES District Project Coordinator dpcjharsussa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06645-274468 9437250744
15 Kalahandi Shri Sanjib Kumar Singh , DEO,I/C District Project Coordinator dpckalassa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06670-232083,
233114 (Fax)
16 Kandhamal Shri Bikash Ch. Pradhan, DEO, I/C District Project Coordinator (I/C) dpckandhssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06842-255461 9438391484
17 Kendrapara Smt. Kalpana Behera, DEO, I/C District Project Coordinator (I/C) dpckendrassa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06727-220562 9437125260
18 Keonjhar Shri Purna Chandra Sethi, OES,ADEO District Project Coordinator (I/C) dpckeonjharssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06766-254103,
256420 (Fax)
19 Khurda Smt. Amita Pattnaik, OES District Project Coordinator dpckhurdassa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06755-223525 9437227243
20 Koraput Dr. Pramod Kumar Panda District Project Coordinator (I/C) dpckoraputssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06852-252421 9437149271
21 Malkangiri Shri Ramesh Ch. Sethy District Project Coordinator (I/C) dpcmalkanssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06861-230481 9439330127
22 Mayurbhanj Shri Dhruba Charan Behera District Project Coordinator (I/C) dpcmayurssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06792-260865 9437150042
23 Nabarangapur Shri Chandrasekhar Panigrahi, DEO, I/C District Project Coordinator dpcnawrangssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06858-222568 9437321123
24 Nayagarh Shri Sibasankar Pradhan District Project Coordinator (I/C) dpcnayagarhssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06753-254236  
25 Nuapada  Sri Adikanda Das, OES District Project Coordinator dpcnuapadassa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06678-223295 9937934955
26 Puri Smt Soundaryamanjari Das, OAS-I District Project Coordinator dpcpurissa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06752-229275,
233095 (Fax)
27 Rayagada Anasthesia Kerketa, ADEO, I/C District Project Coordinator dpcrayagadassa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06856-235277 9437248474
28 Sambalpur Smt. Kalpana Panda, OES District Project Coordinator dpcsamblpur(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 0663-2410834 9438385056
29 Subarnapur Smt Puspa Minj District Project Coordinator dpcsonepurssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06654-220514 7978430043
30 Sundergarh Amulya Kumar Pradhan -OES District Project Coordinator dpcsndgssa(dot)opepa(at)nic(dot)in 06622-273718 9437151875